Our Practice

Cascadia Cross-Border Law is a respected U.S. immigration law firm that provides quality representation, personalized attention, and responsive service.  Our clients include a broad range of established businesses and persons of talent.

Our record of achievement over the last three decades has earned us an international reputation as an effective, efficient, and ethical provider of immigration-related legal services.  We have assisted scores of local, national, and international companies (including leaders in the manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, “green” technology, new media, forest products, and entertainment industries) in their U.S. immigration matters.  Individual clients include a broad range of business executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, entertainers, scientists, educators, athletes, and other talented individuals.  We understand that timely and predictable cross-border movement of executives, managers, professionals, and specialized knowledge personnel is essential to business success in today’s global economy.  In addition to visa advice and preparation, our full-service business solutions also include I-9 compliance and troubleshooting border emergencies.

Cascadia Cross-Border Law prides itself not only in its immigration successes on behalf of accomplished individuals and businesses, but also in its service to the immigrant community in general.  We believe that the United States of America is a nation of immigrants, and accordingly we take satisfaction in helping individual immigrants and immigrant families achieve legal status.  Providing people from all corners of the world with bright futures in the U.S. strengthens the local, state, and national communities and serves to facilitate global integration and understanding.

Let the experienced attorneys at Cascadia Cross-Border Law guide you through U.S. immigration law’s myriad complexities to obtain the best solution for you, your family, your business, or your team.

At Cascadia Cross-Border Law, we create transparent borders!

Our Legal Immigration Team

A consultation with one of our experts will save considerable time, expense, and inconvenience in solving the immigration puzzle. Our immigration experts regularly meet with clients at our offices in Bellingham, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Greg Boos:  Practices U.S. Immigration Law with an emphasis on Business Immigration.
  • Scott Railton:  Specializes in U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Law with an emphasis on Advising Business and Human Resource Departments.
  • K. David Andersson:  British Columbia Business Immigration Barrister and Solicitor.
  • Heather Fathali:  Practices U.S. Immigration Law.
  • Abtin Bahador:  Practices U.S. Immigration Law.