5 Tips for Crossing the Border this Valentine’s Day Weekend

Visiting your valentine in the U.S.? Here are 5 tips for crossing the border this V-day weekend. Spoiler alert: you may need a binder.

  1. BRING DOCUMENTS that show you intend to return to your home country. While a spur-of-the-moment destination wedding in Hawaii may sound like a great idea, that’s a BIG immigration no-no. When you cross the border, you must demonstrate to the CBP officer that you are not intending to immigrate to the United States permanently. This means you must prove you have ties and equities to your home country, such as a job, home, car, family, pet, etc. that you have no intention of abandoning. We don’t recommend you lead with documents, but having the them with you can save you time and a headache.

  2. BRING DOCUMENTS that show your trip to the U.S. is temporary. Bring evidence of a round trip ticket, hotel or Airbnb confirmations for your romantic getaway weekend, or a travel itinerary (if that’s your idea of romance).

  3. BRING DOCUMENTS that show you have the financial ability to support yourself while you are in the United States. This can be bank records or other documents showing money on hand that demonstrate you can afford the trip (including that dinner date at the fancy new restaurant in town). Just keep in mind that if you bring more than $10,000 you will need to declare it.

  4. GIVE BRIEF ANSWERS. Save the monologue for expressing your endless love to your valentine. Only provide the CBP officer with the information they ask for, nothing more. Also be careful about offering unsolicited information.

  5. ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH. You would never make any misrepresentations to your one true love, so don’t do it at the border. In both situations, you will end up in big trouble. When it comes to CBP, misrepresenting the nature of your travels or anything else to the officer can result in a permanent lifetime ban from the United States. Answer all questions fully and truthfully.

So, you may need to make some extra room in your luggage. But what says “I am devoted to you” better than carrying around a full copy of your lease? Happy travels to all the international lovers out there!