Canada Consular Update: New E-1 and E-2 Visa Applicants Interviewed Only in Toronto

New applicants for E visas in Canada will soon have to make application at the Toronto Consulate, as the Vancouver Consulate will only be handling applications for previously registered companies.

E-1 visas are for companies which engage in substantial trade with the U.S. E-2 visas are for persons or companies who have made a substantial investment in a viable U.S. enterprise. These applications, which we commonly prepare, are rule-intensive, and involve the submission of relevant financial documents, business plans, investment records, proofs of international trade, and qualifying nationality.

E visas are a terrific means for Canadian companies to send executives, managers and essential personnel to the United States. If the company is starting fresh with this process, they will now have to invest in a trip to Toronto to acquire at least the first visa.

Once a company has been approved for an E visa, they are typically deemed “registered”. Registered companies may apply for their employees at consulates other than Toronto, including Vancouver.

In other Vancouver Consulate news, fiancee visa adjudications were being moved to the Montreal Consulate. However, we are informed that for the time being, this K-1 visa processing change is on hold, and Vancouver will continue to adjudicate fiancee visas. This is good news for Canadians on the west coast, as it makes the K-1 visa process more practical, versus just going through with an immigrant visa in Montreal after marriage.