USCIS Launches Spanish E-Verify Site for Employers

E-Verify is an on-line employment authorization system which is optional for most employers, and mandatory for certain federal contractors.  The program is supplemental to the statutorily mandated I-9 process that every employer/employee must go through.  More and more employers are adopting the E-Verify system as well, as an additional protection against hiring personnel who are unauthorized to work. The E-Verify program has its critics, but electronic work authorization in one form or another will almost certainly eventually become the law of the land.  Employers need to carefully consider the pros and cons of adopting the E-Verify system, factoring in both the recent spike in enforcement actions against employers, and the frailties of the system itself.  Offering the system in Spanish is a positive move forward.  For more details on the Spanish version of E-Verify, visit