USCIS Proposed Filing Fee Increases – Open for Public Comment

Some very significant filing fee increases have been proposed by USCIS, now open for public comment in the Federal Register.

USCIS News Release:

“On May 4, 2016, USCIS published a notice of proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register inviting public comment, for 60 days, on the proposed U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Fee Schedule.

Title of Notice Type of Notice  Comment Period Expiration Date  FR Number 
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Fee Schedule 60-Day Notice  



81 FR 26903

The Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990 requires USCIS to conduct fee reviews for the Immigration Examinations Fee Account (IEFA) on a biennial basis. The FY 2016/2017 biennial fee review indicates a 21 percent weighted average fee increase is necessary to ensure full cost recovery.

The IEFA represents approximately 94 percent of USCIS’ FY 2015 funding. The remaining funding comes from other fee accounts and a small discretionary appropriation.

USCIS has authority to set its IEFA fees at a level that recovers the full cost of providing adjudication and naturalization services. This includes the cost of providing similar services to asylum applicants or other immigrants without charge and any additional costs associated with the administration of the fees collected.

USCIS last adjusted its fees in November 2010, based on the FY 2010/2011 Fee Review.

To submit a comment, follow the instructions in the notice.

After the 60-day period, we will address the comments received and publish a final rule in the Federal Register.”