USCIS Adds “VIBE” Tool To Verify Business Data

USCIS recently announced that it is beta-testing VIBE, a web based system called Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises(“VIBE”).  VIBE will enable USCIS to independently gather commercially available information about business petitioners, to assess their ability to actually employ beneficiaries of immigration related petitions.

The VIBE system will check any of the following:

  • Business activities and trade payment information
  • Financial standing, including credit ratings
  • Number of employees on-site and globally
  • Relationships with other entities
  • Company ownership
  • Date of establishment
  • Physical address

The system will be used for most business related immigration petitions, including temporary programs.  Notably, the agency says “petitioners may begin seeing VIBE-related Requests for Evidence.

For more information on VIBE, click here.

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