Washington State Conrad Waivers Filling Up

Time is running out to procure a J waiver for an international medical graduate under this fiscal year’s annual allocation of 30 slots. We recently assisted in an employer and physician in acquiring the 19th spot out of 30 slots. As per the Washington State Department of Health’s website, it appears there are 7 specialists with potential applications to be submitted or adjudicated come April 1st, when the window opens again for specialists. Some of those physicians may have sought other work in the interim, and surely other applicants are lining up for the remaining spots. Historically, Washington State usually fills or gets very close to full around April 1st.

Before that time, primary care applications still take precedent, as do qualifying FLEX applications.

Many physicians who are looking to work after the completion of their residencies and fellowships in 2021 are now looking at employment opportunities and the availability for J waivers under the Conrad program or otherwise. Employers interested in hiring these physician through the Conrad program should be aware of the applications time-sensitive recruitment requirements, which include at least 6 months of qualifying recruitment. It may beneficial to start that recruitment now, so that an application may be filed on October 1st when next year’s annual allocation opens up.

I take great pride in helping employers, physicians, and the State improve access to medical care in the Pacific Northwest, and stand ready to advise and assist in these cases. Cascadia has helped many employers and physicians with this process, as well as related applications such as Physician National Interest Waivers, No Objection Waivers, and a host of related issues. I enjoy this work and welcome consultations on these important matters.